Engineering, Managing, and Reinventing Integration

EMARI System Thinking Approach


Strategist with Doctorate in Business Administration



Construction Project Management Professional



Contract Quality Assurance & Construction Management


Engineering LEAN value streams for Managing project teams in a PMO to increase effectiveness And efficiency by Reinventing Business Operation and Project Process Integration in an IPD approach for Quality Integration through Digital Transformation

Mission Success by Professional Managers!

Performance Quality Assurance

Applying the Strategic Management using the EMARI System Thinking Approach, the QualityPMO Methodology is crafted to seamlessly integrate solutions that enhance Business Operations, Project Processes, and Digital Solutions. This is achieved through the Collaborative Leadership of Professional Managers, who leverage their subject matter expertise and embrace a Sustainable Just Culture of management. The approach ensures not only the efficiency of operations but also the assurance of performance through the infusion of Quality Intelligence in the organization's processes.

Dr. Emari, PMP, CQM, CM-BIM, LEED Green Associate
  • Improving Business Outcomes

    Using Business Intelligence for smarter & faster decisions

  • Quality Project Outputs

    Using Best Practices for lean processes & value streaming

  • Blue Ocean Strategy

    Using innovation for automation & efficiency

Philosophy, Framework, and Methodology

Lessons Applied from Success Stories

Construction Quality Assurance

Use of the latest innovations and best practices for continuous improvement is a Change Management Project best performed in an Integrated Project Delivery Approach within a Quality Project Management Office.  See how it was used to develop the CQM Methodology!

Collaborative Leadership

Organizational Performance Excellence

Leveraging the CMBA methodology for Contract Management and Contractor Assurance, Facilities.Solutions strategically incorporates the latest best practices to drive continuous improvement in Human and Organizational Performance to enhance quality and excellence in infrastructure and capital asset projects.

Learning Culture for Quality Intelligence

Integration for Safety & Efficiency

Leveraging the WQM methodology's "Safety-first, Quality-always" culture, a QualityPMO integrates collaborative leadership and quality intelligence through CMBA to prioritize intelligent decision-making for Sustainable Agility. This approach fosters continuous improvement, aligning safety, quality, and organizational wellness within a learning culture. A Sustainable Agility for growth and innovation, ensuring that lessons learned are applied to Contract Quality Assurance and Organizational Performance Excellence, achieving the "Smart Decisions Faster" success.

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  • Inclusion of Diverse Methodologies

    Agnostic for agile and hybrid approach

  • Quality Centric Approach

    Apply Lessons Learned and Use Best Practices

  • Flexible and Practical

    Continuous Improvement tailored to needs


SLAC National Accelerator Lab
Construction Quality Assurance
PEAK Business
PMP & DASM Coach
Stanford University
Stanford University
Computer Science BI & ML
Quality PMO
Director & Founder
Partnership Engagement
Director of Corporate Outreach
WSU Civil Engineering
Construction Management Faculty
LTU Civil Engineering
Adjunct Professor