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Dr. Emari, PMP developed the EMARI System Thinking Approach based on his extensive research and experience of over 25 years through collaboration with great leaders and experts from various industries and backgrounds.


Committed to maintaining quality in projects by empowering my team's performance, guided by core values of excellence, exploration, and exuberance, to achieve equanimity.

Our Story

In 1953, Emari Sr. was the valedictorian of the University's School of Economics cohort when no MBA programs existed.  At the time, academics in economics were more interested in philosophical discussions on commerce law rather than practical business use. However, as a successful entrepreneur entering the academic world, Emari Sr.'s vision was to apply his academic achievement to his existing business operations. Through this vision, Emari Jr. learned that any business mission requires system thinking to integrate process engineering and operational management.

Later in 1996, Dr. Emari's path was shaped by Dr. Usmen's mentorship and advisement. After earning his Civil & Environmental Engineering Bachelor's Degree at Wayne State University, Dr. Emari was the fifth person to graduate from Dr. Usmen's newly established Construction Project Management Program at the Master's Degree level. 

Dr. Usmen envisioned his students will teach Business Management and Innovation to future students in the Construction Management Program, so he encouraged Dr. Emari to complete courses in various departments such as Law School, Urban Studies, Computer Science, Business Administration, and more... 

Through this diverse exposure to engineering and management in different fields, Dr. Emari started his Ph.D. level graduate research in Facility Management under Dr. Usmen's advisory. Dr. Emari created the first Business Intelligence (BI4FM) Dashboard in 2002 for the WSU Facility Management Department.  After 25 years of practice in the industry, Dr. Emari has collected his System Thinking Approach to help Businesses with their Digital Transformation by integrating quality through the collaboration of Mindful Leaders in a Quality Project Management Office (QPMO). 

E5 Values

EMARI's core values are a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence, which they channel into Strategic Quality Integration and Assurance. Their approach reflects exuberance, fostering Sustainable Agility for Continuous Improvement. They drive transformative progress through empowerment rooted in Project Management for Change and a Growth Mindset. Equity is at the heart of their principles, promoting a Just Culture that elevates Human and Organizational Performance. Furthermore, their dedication to empathy shines through the cultivation of Emotional Intelligence with mindfulness, ensuring a holistic approach to leadership and management.

  • Excellence: Strategic Quality Integration and Assurance
  • Exuberance: Sustainable Agility for Continuous Improvement
  • Exploration: Improving Human and Organizational Performance
  • Empowerment: Project Management for Change and Growth Mindset
  • Equanimity: Equity for Just Culture and Empathy for Emotional Intelligence

The main objectives are:

1. Continue to exemplify these values in all professional endeavors.
2. Encourage and inspire others to embrace these principles for collective growth and success.
3. Explore opportunities to integrate these values into our work and organization for greater impact.
4. Share insights and experiences related to these values to promote their importance in leadership and management.

e5 Values

Aiming for the Stars

Aiming for the Stanford Amy J. Blue Award, it's an honor given to a team member who is exceptionally dedicated, supportive of colleagues, and passionate about their work. The awards were established in memory of Amy J. Blue, an associate vice president for administrative services and facilities who died of brain cancer in May 1988.

Nominees for the Amy J. Blue Awards should meet these criteria:
  • dedicated to accomplishment: venturesome, take responsibility and get things done
  • committed to people: involve, challenge, and support others
  • positive: energetic and passionate about their work

Amy J. Blue Awards are presented to three staff members each year. Louise Addis is the only SLAC staff to receive recognition in 1992.  Awards were first given in 1991.



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Founder of the Quality Project Management Office or the QualityPMO Methodology, Dr. Emari has over 25 years of experience in Construction Project Management and Strategic Business Administration for Facilities and Capital Improvement.

He is a thought leader for promoting quality and excellence in a System Thinking Approach to Engineering, Managing, and Reinventing Integration.  He has founded the Construction Quality Management Community of Practice for Project Managers in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Industries to improve quality through collaboration on innovation.

Dr. Emari promotes People Leadership through a PMO of Mindful Professional Managers and advocates for the Digital Transformation of Construction 4.0 as a Certified Manager in BIM. He is currently applying his methodology at Stanford University for the SLAC National Laboratory to improve and assure quality as part of his “Facilities. Solutions” vision.

Dr. Emari strives to bring leaders in a QPMO to achieve a Cognitive collaboration of Human and Artificial Intelligence for a sustainable Smart City with Quality Ecosystems that minimize Biodiversity Impact.

EMARI 4 Flow

The EMARI System Thinking Approach is meticulously crafted to achieve Strategic Flow Management by seamlessly blending human exuberance with organizational execution. Rooted in integrated quality-centric strategic thinking, this approach is purposefully designed to propel excellence while maintaining a delicate equilibrium in sustainable agility. By harmonizing the inherent energy and enthusiasm of individuals with the strategic execution demands of the organization, the EMARI System Thinking Approach transcends traditional boundaries. It aspires to foster an environment where human and organizational aspects intertwine, creating a dynamic synergy that enhances both individual and collective performance. The ultimate goal is to elevate Human and Organizational Performance through a balanced, sustainable, and agile approach, reinforcing the principles of QualityPMO and ensuring continuous improvement within the realms of business, projects, quality, and leadership.

Action List:

  1. Integrate the Emari System Thinking Approach into your strategic planning and quality management initiatives.
  2. Emphasize the interconnectedness of human exuberance and organizational execution for improved performance.
  3. Promote discussions within the QualityPMO about the practical implementation of this approach for sustained excellence.

Passionate Mentors

Passionate mentors are individuals who are dedicated, enthusiastic, and energetic about their work and eager to share their knowledge and skills with others. They show genuine care for their mentees and help them to grow, develop and reach their full potential. Passionate mentors are also great listeners and are always willing to provide guidance, support, and encouragement to their mentees.

Mark Bodnarczuk

Personality Self-awareness & Emotional Intelligence for Quality Organizational Culture

Suzanne Hansen

Business Strategy and intelligence for organizational management and development through teambuilding.

Pierre Khawand

Mindfulness through Meditation for compassionate leaders with empathy and emotional intelligence

Antony Ross

Digital Transformation with Data Science Proficiency in Machine Learning and Business Intelligence

Kind Words by Others

Quality Project Management Program based on CQM Methodology is a "Robust” System!

Mike Quint, DTE

Client & CQM Expert

Professional Quality Managers are "Elite Construction Project Managers", using the CQM Methodology will get you there!

Laura Suter, AECON

CQM Expert

Taking the Business of Engineering Course introduced me to all MBA Topics and how they apply to Construction Contractors!

Ranjani Nainala, WSU

Mentee & Student

Enthusiastic instructor with very insightful and beneficial Lectures. I'm enlightened with new ideas at every event!

Besher Alsbiei, PMA

Mentee & Student

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We form Communities of Practice as part of Project Management Institute Chapters to promote PMI Philosophy and Best Practices as a base to add methodologies shared by our members to improve and expand our knowledge base.  See our Construction Quality Management and the Wellness Quality Management Community of Practice as examples of our efforts.

The Construction Quality Management Community of Practice was established in 2019 as a platform for professionals in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Industries to enhance their skills through collaborative efforts. We offer free informative talks and demos at our quarterly events.

We host quarterly virtual meetings that feature discussion panels and interviews. All our events are recorded and can be viewed for free on our CQM TV YouTube Channel. Our goal is to create a similar platform for Automotive Professional Managers soon. You are welcome to join our team of experts and contribute towards building the CoP!

The Wellness Quality Management Community of Practice was established in 2022 as a platform for professionals in the Wellness and Healthcare Industry to come together and enhance their skills through collaborative efforts. Our website offers informative articles and details on related topics and practices.

We host interviews with experts to discuss topics and gather best practices. All our events are recorded and can be viewed for free on our WQM TV YouTube Channel. Our goal is to create a similar platform for the Business Professional Managers, soon. You are welcome to join our team of experts and contribute towards building the CMBA CoP!