14-Reinvent Integration

Find better ways to reduce stress and anxiety Automate workflows and delegate decisions to reduce fatigue Adopt new tools for Digital Transformation and Lean-IPD

13-Master the Time Management

Know your “when’s” by keeping track of time and milestones Multilayered Schedules and Time Tracking techniques When to have Patience and when Sprint Actions are needed

12-Loop Approach

An organizational Chart and Responsibility Matrix is needed Know your “where’s” Process flowcharts and Procedure writeup per ISO Matrix Organizations with Loop Approach are the most Agile

11-Centers for Excellence

Form Quality Committees & Community of Practices Share and Learn from each other’s Best Practices Apply as needed only the ones that fit best for you

10-Embrace Diversity

Inclusion with respect and kindness Allow differences to surface and manage conflicts Learn from diversity and apply for the purpose

09-Great leaders for Quality Culture

Lead people to be their best by self-motivated Quality Audits Just Culture: Drive out fear to communicate through Quality Talks HPI: Understand Personality Traits by observing in Quality Walks

08-Establish QPMO

Know your “Whos” identify key stakeholders Listening Skills applied to Stakeholder Management through PoCsProvide PM training with QPMO Principles